Неправильные глаголы. Упражнения.

Таблица неправильных глаголов английского языка ТУТ

Упражнение 1. Найдите вторую форму глаголов.

to take sat
to get drove
to burst took
to drive burst
to burn caught
to catch fell
to fall burnt
to sit got


Упражнение 2. Заполните таблицу, вписав все формы неправильных глаголов.

get got
bring brought
broadcast broadcast
cut cut


Упражнение 3. Вставьте подходящий глагол в Present Perfect

to bring   to get    to eat   to make   to cost    to lend   to come

  1. This car has never __________ so much!
  2. He has _____________  the whole cake.
  3. Have you _____________  the books?
  4. I am happy! I haven’t _____________ any mistakes!
  5. She has __________ a very pretty smile.
  6. Have  you ever ______________ money to your friends?
  7. We have _______________ in time.
  8. What have you ____________? It’s such a mess!


Упражнение 4.  Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в правильную форму.

  1. Last year this house (to build)  very fast.
  2. I have never (to see)   such a beautiful building!
  3. I (to see) such buildings in Germany and Belgium last year.
  4. Yesterday she (to bring) this dog  home from the shelter.
  5. The dog (to feed) and (to fall asleep) at once.
  6. This dog can (to catch) a ball and (to run) very fast.
  7. I can’t help you as I (to cut) my finger!
  8. No problem! I’ll (to do) everything by myself.


Упражнение 5. Найдите неправильный глагол в каждой строке.

  1. to enjoy   to catch   to listen   to remember
  2.  to win   to believe   to hate    to like
  3. to revise   to lend   to borrow   to watch
  4. to bite   to count    to pretend    to receive
  5. to read   to prepare   to repair   to retire
  6. to argue  to stick   to turn   to submit


Упражнение 6.  Переделайте предложения из Past Simple в Present Perfect.

Например: I cut my finger. – I have cut my finger.

  1. I drank a cup of tea.
  2. She put her shoes on the floor.
  3. We did it!
  4. The cat ate everything from the plate.
  5. I stuck in traffic.
  6. You know about it!
  7. They are born in France.
  8. The spider caught a fly.



Упражнение 1.

take – took

get – got

burst – burst

drive – drove

burn – burnt

catch – caught

fall – fell

sit – sat


Упражнение 2.

get – got – got

drink – drank – drunk

bring – brought – brought

bite – bit – bitten

broadcast – broadcast – broadcast

cut – cut – cut

burn -  burnt – burnt

bear – bore – born


Упражнение 3.

  1. cost
  2. eaten
  3. brought
  4. made
  5. got
  6. lent
  7. come
  8. done


Упражнение 4.

  1. was built
  2. seen
  3. saw
  4. brought
  5. was fed …….fell asleep
  6. catch ……run
  7. have cut
  8. do


Упражнение 5. 

  1. to catch
  2. to win
  3. to lend
  4. to bite
  5. to read
  6. to stick


Упражнение 6.

  1. I have drunk a cup of tea.
  2. She has put her shoes on the floor.
  3. We have done it!
  4. The cat has eaten everything from the plate.
  5. I have stuck in traffic.
  6. You have known about it!
  7. They have been born in France.
  8. The spider has caught a fly.


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