Упражнения по английскому языку для 9 класса

Упражнение 1. Выберите подходящий вариант из предложенных временных форм.

1. When she came back from work, her sister _________________    the flat.

a) already cleaned                      b) had  already cleaned                    c) has already cleaned

2. The sculpture  _______ in 1825.

a) was created                      b) created                     c) had created

3. She    __________ her famous cake just 5 minutes ago.

a) baked                      b) had baked                     c) has baked

4. The shark  ______________ by fishermen.

a) has caught                      b) has been caught                     c) caught

5. We were sure the idea _____________  successful.

a) would be                      b) will be                      c) be

6. The chocolate bars already___________  on the shelves.

a) were put                      b) have been put                     c) are put

7. If she _______ the driving test she’ll go to work by bus.

a) doesn’t pass                      b) won’t pass                      c) didn’t pass

8. This conference _____________ by many participants last year.

a) attended                      b) was attended                      c) is attended


Упражнение 2. Вставьте подходящее слово.

1. She does not like __________   dishes.

a) washing                      b) watching                   с)   getting

2. He has finally __________ me the truth .

a) said                      b) told                      c) speak

3. Don’t worry! It is ok to _____________  mistakes.

a) make                     b) do                     c) has made

4.  With this dress on you look ___________!

a) beautifuler                   b) gooder                   c) better

5. Are there __________ new pupils in your class?

a) some                      b) any                      c) much

6. May I have ____________ water, please?

a) few                      b) a few                      c) a little


Упражнение 3. Вставьте подходящий предлог, где это необходимо.

1. He never listens ____ music in his car.

2. He often talks ____  his neighbors.

3. I tried to speak ____ English at the meeting and I think they understood me!

4. The little girl was afraid ____  dogs.

5. Are you satisfied ____ your new job?

6. He lived ____  New York many years ago.

Упражнение 4.   Вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово.

sold   rich   successful  too   years famous  interested  because   proud

My uncle is a very (1)_______________ person.  He is (2) ________  because he earns much money. He is a (3)____________   writer.  Many (4)_________   ago my uncle began to write detective stories.  Now his books are (5)________ all over the world (6)____________  many people are (7)____________  in  these exciting stories! I am (8)___________ of my uncle! One day I will be famous (9) __________.


Упражнение 5. Соедините две части предложения.

1. Jane watches cartoons…

2. Jane is watching cartoons…

3. Jane has watched cartoons…

4. Jane watched cartoons…

5. Jane was watching cartoons…

6. Jane will watch cartoons…

a) every Saturday.

b) many times before.

c) now.

d) for two hours yesterday.

e) next month.

f) when she visited her grandmother last year.


Упражнение 6. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в нужную форму (Past Simple, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, Present Perfect).

1. Yesterday evening I ________ (listen) to music while my mother __________ (cook) dinner.

2.___________ you __________ (watch) the movie yesterday?

3.Two days ago Sarah __________ (come) home early because she __________ (want) to prepare for the meeting.

4. When ____________ your friend usually __________ (go) skating in the evening?

5. Steve always __________ (care) for his children.

6. Look! What _________________those children __________ (do) here so late at night?

7. __________you __________ (see) the new teacher yet?

8. While I __________ (do my homework) last night, my sister __________ (sleep).


Упражнение 7. Исправьте ошибки.

1. When I was younger, I have read books every week-end.

2. It’s almost 9.00 p.m., but Kathy hasn’t finished her book already.

3. My mother cooked this dish several times since my birthday.

4. Did you made any mistakes in your math test?

5. I have been driving since two years.

6. I will watching TV tomorrow morning before school.


Упражнение 8. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в правильной форме (Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous).

1. Jane ___________________ (not to take) the bus to school every day. She often __________ (to walk) to school.

2. I   never ____________ (to be) in Spain in my life! I ____________(to plan) to go there next summer.

3. Who is this pretty girl? I ______________ (to guess) I ___________ (to see) her somewhere before but I _________________ (to forget) her name.

4. Her sons _______________(to play) football yesterday while she _______________(to watch) TV and _______________ (to cook) dinner.

5. Why ____________(to be) your brother so annoyed yesterday? – He _______________(to watch) the film several times before.

6. Are you ok? – Don’t worry! I ___________(to sit) in a comfortable chair and __________(to wait) for my turn to see the dentist. I ________________(not to be afraid) of dentists at all!



Упражнение 1.

1. b)   2.  a)  3. c)  4. b)   5.  a)   6. b)  7. a)   8.  b)

Упражнение 2.

1. a)   2.  b)   3. a)   4. c)   5.  b)   6. c)

Упражнение 3.

1.to   2. to  3.  -   4.  of   5.  with   6.  In

Упражнение 4.

1. successful   2. rich   3.  famous  4. years  5. sold   6.   because   7.  interested   8.  proud   9. too

Упражнение 5.

1a    2c    3b   4f   5d   6e

Упражнение 6.

  1. was listening…..was cooking
  2. Did you watch…
  3. came…. Wanted
  4. does…..go
  5. cares
  6. are (those children) doing
  7. Have (you) seen…
  8. was doing……was sleeping

Упражнение 7.

  1. When I was younger, I read books every week-end.
  2. It’s almost 9.00 p.m., but Kathy hasn’t finished her book yet.
  3. My mother has cooked this dish several times since my birthday.
  4. Did you make any mistakes in your math test? / Have you made
  5. I have been driving for two years.
  6. I will be watching TV tomorrow morning before school.

Упражнение 8.

  1. does not take …….walks
  2. have (never) been…am planning
  3. guess…..have seen…..have forgotten…
  4. were playing….was watching….cooking
  5. was….had watched…
  6. am sitting….waiting…am not afraid ….

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