Английские стихи для детей

Эти стишки легко запомнить. В них полезные слова и выражения.

Их можно петь. С ними можно играть. Дети их очень любят!


Hello! Hello! I am a doll!

It is my flower! It is my ball!

It is my table and a bed.

It is my chair. It is red.


Touch your eyes.

Touch your nose.

Touch your mouth.

Touch your toes.

Touch your ears.

Touch your hair.

Touch your teeth.

Sit on the chair.


I am a bear.

I am big and brown.

I wear yellow boots

And a golden crown.


I am a pretty doll!

My name is Jess.

Look at my shoes!

Look at my dress!


I like to read.

I like to play.

I like to study every day.

I like to jump.

I like to run.

I like to laugh.

It’s so much fun!


One, one one.

Little dog, run!

Two, two, two.

Cats see you!

Three, three, three.

Birds on the tree!

Four, four, four.

Rats on the floor!


I see a pen on the desk.

I see a hen at the door.

I see a clock on the wall.

I see a cat on the floor.


Good night, mother!

Good night, father!

Kiss your little son!

Good night, sister!

Good night, brother!

Good night, everyone!


Good night! Good night!

Good night, my doll!

Good night! Good night!

Good night, you all!


Little mouse! Little mouse!

Where is your house?

Little cat! Little cat!

I am a poor mouse.

I have no house.

Little mouse! Little mouse!

Come to my house!

Little cat! Little cat!

I can’t do that!

You want to eat me!


I am happy.

I am not sad.

I am good.

I am not bad.

I am big.

I am not small.

I am short.

I am not tall.


One, two, three!

It’s a Christmas tree!

Three, two, one!

Christmas is fun!


Jack is smart.

Jack is bright.

Jack can sing.

Jack can write.


One, two, three, four, five!

I can swim! I can fly!

I can run! I can hop!

I can jump! I can stop!


Look! It’s a clown!

He is orange, green and brown.

He’s purple, red and blue.

And he’s yellow too!


Look at the boy!

He has a toy!

Look at the doll!

She has a ball!

Look at the cat!

It has a hat!

Look at the pig!

It is so big!


Good morning! Good morning!

Good morning to you!

Good morning! Good morning!

I am glad to see you!

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